UPDATE: Rhode Island Promise to Benefit Undocumented Students


In August 2017, the State of Rhode Island created the Rhode Island Promise Scholarship (RI Promise) program.

Undocumented students are eligible, and we strongly encourage you to apply!

Rhode Island Promise Enrollment Day
Enrollment Day will offer support with FAFSA completion, placement testing, academic advising and course registration. Please bring your photo ID, high school transcript, 2016 tax returns – for you and your parent(s) – and plan to spend three to four hours with us.

Aug. 16, 2018
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Great Hall
Knight Campus, 400 East Ave., Warwick
If you haven't taken the ACCUPLACER placement test, please arrive by noon to provide enough time for testing.

Representatives from admissions, financial aid and advising will be on hand to assist students applying for Rhode Island Promise.

The three purposes of the RI Promise legislation are:

1) To encourage more young people to develop their talents through higher education;
2) To improve the Rhode Island economy by increasing the education and skills levels of the Rhode Island workforce;
3) To ensure the future prosperity of the state by extending the opportunity to receive a free public education beyond high school and into college.

Through the RI Promise program, eligible students are able to attend the Community College of Rhode Island for up to two years free of tuition and mandatory student fees. The RI Promise legislation is subject to renewal, revision, and/or amendment following its expiration in 2020.

How do I sign up?

1. Apply to CCRI.
2. Complete the FAFSA. Undocumented students are eligible to fill out the FAFSA form, and we strongly encourage you to do so.
3. Submit your official high school or GED® transcript.
4. To receive one-on-one support, be sure to attend any scheduled Community Enrollment Day events. With any question, you can also contact Robert Giovino, Associate Dean of Admissions at CCRI.

If you have any questions about the FAFSA, don’t hesitate to contact CASO or call the Rhode Island Educational Opportunities Center (RIEOC): 401-455-6028.

You may also contact CCRI Admissions if you have any problems obtaining your transcripts: webadmission@ccri.edu or 401-825-2003.

Who is eligible?

• Rhode Island residents.
• 2018 high school graduates (public, private or homeschooled) or GED® recipients younger than 19 years old.
Undocumented Students with In-State Residency — According to the CCRI RI Promise Manual, “non-citizens may qualify for a RI Promise scholarship if they meet the criteria articulated in the OPC Residency Policy. US citizens and permanent residents who have been classified as non-residents for tuition based on their application to CCRI may complete the CCRI Application for In-State Residency." Please contact Rob Giovino (rgiovino@ccri.edu), Associate Director of Admissions at CCRI, if you need more assistance.

What if I already paid part or all of my tuition and fees, and then qualify for Rhode Island Promise?

Students who pay for tuition, and then receive Rhode Island Promise, will be refunded once the Rhode Island Promise scholarships are officially disbursed. These refunds are scheduled to begin on Oct. 10.

What if I received a Tam Tran Scholarship?

Tam Tran Scholars will be able to use their award funds to purchase books. Contact us after you register at CCRI and we will arrange for you to use your funds at the CCRI bookstore.

How do I maintain the scholarship for two years?

• Enroll both fall and spring semester for two years.
• Enroll full time (we strongly encourage registering for 15 credits).
• Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.

Read and download The Rhode Island Promise Manual for more answers to your questions about RI Promise. You can also find more from CCRI, here: https://www.ccri.edu/ripromise/faqs.html

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